Spin-X Spindryer

Regardless of how you do washing – the SPIN-X spindryer will save you both time and money.
Why throw all of that water into the dryer?  Drying a bathing suit after use will save your gym bag, furniture and maybe your marriage.

The Spin-X can remove one quart of water from clothes taken out of the washing machine,
using the same amount of electricity the Clothes Dryer uses in 15 seconds!

Seconds of Spin-drying time saves hours – Tiresome drying time -Expensive heating time.

Making customers happy since 1990!

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Check out our old-timey Spin-X advertisements. Can you guess what year these were made? It just goes to show that styles may change, but really great products do not! The Spin-X has been saving money and the environment for over 100,000 customers for the past 40 years!


"I am writing to tell you that the quality and performance of the SPIN-X Spindryer has exceeded my expectations. From the moment I pulled it out of the box, I knew I had a well crafted piece of ...

Bob Lyss - New York, New York

"I am glad to have purchased a SPIN-X extractor. I'm sure that mechanical removal of water is much more efficient than converting it to vapor with heat- even natural gas heat. But the less time ...

L.B. Keesler - Mount Airy, North Carolina

"We are very pleased with our Spin-X Dryer. Clothes hung outside on a clothes line dry in 1/2 hour or less. I wish I had heard of your product 10 years ago. If you discover any other products of this ...

David Kuhnle - Apple Valley, California

"Not only do the clothes feel Softer, but they smell fresher. Before I had to clean lint filter 2-3 times during drying cycle. Now only have to clean after the load is dry. The clothes don't have ...

H. Blevens - Norman, Oklahoma

"By using the Spin-X, I avoid the use of a dryer - they come out so dry that I just hang them on a hanger (indoors) for an hour or so, & they're ready to wear - without ironing etc."

L.H. O'Brien - Fountain Valley, California

"When I first used this Great Machine, my eyes opened almost as wide as my mouth. When I took the clothes out, they were almost dry. I love this machine. This was the best buy I ever made. You made ...

R. Merricks - Jamaica, New York

"The Spin-X is great! It takes so much less time to dry (even when hanging clothes to dry)."

Susan L. Kaiser - Midlothian, Ilinois

I purchased your spin dryer in December 1989, at the old address. It is an excellent machine and still in perfect running condition today, (almost 20 years later). Over the years I have moved ...

Danny Painter - Gunn City, Missouri

By using the Spin-X, I avoid the use of a dryer - they come out so dry that I just hang them on a hanger (indoors) for an hour

L.H. O’Brien Fountain Valley, California
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