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Centrifugal dryers for swimsuits, commercial, residential and industrial applications

The Spin-X was originally built for home use to wring excess water out of clothing before putting the clothing on a line or into a heated dryer.  The dryer is the energy-hog of any cleaning operation, and so getting out the majority of the water before putting clothing into the dryer saves time, money and energy.

The Spin-X can also be used as a bathing suit dryer and many operations have had success with that, however, we prefer to use the Suitmate for commercial swimming pools, since the Suitmate is specially designed for high-volume operations and the Spin-X is not.  (Using the Spin-X for commercial operations also reduces the warranty.)

We have also seen the Spin-X and the Suitmate used in many industrial applications as a centrifuge to dry items during manufacturing or to separate items.  The Spin-X has a larger basket than the Suitmate, but the Suitmate runs at a higher RPM, making it faster.