1)  Spindryer Size:  13 1/2” X 25” high.


  2)  Weight:  25 lbs.


  3)  Shipping Carton:  17” X 17” X 27”


  4)  Capacity:  10 lbs. wet load  = (2 king size sheets, 2 large king size pillow cases, 1 bath towel, 2 hand towels)


  5)  Connects to any household wall outlet, 110 volt.


  6)  Spins at 3,300 R.P.M., and produces 1,340 G’ forces.


  7)  Cost:  $599.95  +  $59.95 shipping costs in the USA.            Canada by Priority Air  $599.95 + $107.95 .


  8)  Extracted Water:  goes into a quart plastic container furnished with the Spindryer.


  9)  The Spindryer removes soap, detergents, perfumes & chemicals into the quart container.  These are the chemicals that you have been previously drying into your clothing, and even today risk skin absorption of these chemical detergents.


 10)  Customers have remarked about less skin irritation.


 11)  Reduces drying time by 1/2 of hard to dry items, like blue jeans and towels.


 12)  Research showed that the SPIN-X  Spindryer reduced Electricity costs by $1,104.96 during a 3 year period, at an average of $368.32 per year electricity savings.


 13)  By greatly reducing drying time, the clothes dryer only operates for 1/2 the time or less, creating less heat for the Air Conditioner to cool, and extending the life of both the clothes dryer and the Air Conditioner because of less wear & tear.


 14)  An excellent test is to take three of your older bath towels, place them in your washing machine.  Do not use any soap.  Turn on the washing for 5 minutes, and see the soap suds that have accumulated in your towels.  It is also in your clothing.




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