Sensitive Skin

Allergies, Skin Rashes?

Have you problems with your sensitive skin? Do you know that laundry detergents and bleaches that remain in your clothing could cause your problems.Having these deposits in your clothes, is the same as having a patch with these nasty chemicals against your skin.

The SPIN-X Spindryer, removes the majority of these deposits from your clothing.And not only that, you can see exactly what is coming out of your clothes. You can see if the water being removed from your clothing is cloudy, or has soap bubbles ……. this is a clear indication that another rinse is required.

If there are soap suds in the water, you have an indication that the rinse cycle in the washing machine, or your hand rinse is not sufficient, or else you could be using too much detergent or soap in your wash.The Spindryer will allow you to determine this, which you would never know without it.

When you use the Spindryer, you can be certain that these harmful detergents, bleaches, and perfumes are removed and will not damage your sensitive skin. The drying time on the clothing is reduced considerably, keeping your colors bright and cheerful.

Don’t risk damaging your skin any further, use the SPIN-X Spindryer each time you wash or rinse out your clothing for a healthier you. Remember, the chemicals that are left in your clothing, are absorbed into your body and will create many health problems.