"I am writing to tell you that the quality and performance of the SPIN-X Spindryer has exceeded my expectations. From the moment I pulled it out of the box, I knew I had a well crafted piece of equipment that is going to last me for years. I was also surprised at how light and quiet it is. Going at 3,300 RPM, it just whispers. You can barely hear it start and that start up is so smooth. SPIN-X is well worth the money. It's extremely well crafted, operates smoothly and easily and does a great job of removing water from clothes expending far less energy than the conventional dryer. It also takes out detergent that would normally dry in the fabric. I have sensitive skin and laundry detergent irritates my skin sometimes, and I have noticed less skin irritation. A good amount of the awful dyes and perfumes they put in detergents are removed."

Bob Lyss - New York, New York

"I am glad to have purchased a SPIN-X extractor. I'm sure that mechanical removal of water is much more efficient than converting it to vapor with heat- even natural gas heat. But the less time clothes spend tumbling in a dryer, the longer shirt cuffs and collars last before fraying. The machine seems compact, very well built and is easily moved into storage."

L.B. Keesler - Mount Airy, North Carolina

"We are very pleased with our Spin-X Dryer. Clothes hung outside on a clothes line dry in 1/2 hour or less. I wish I had heard of your product 10 years ago. If you discover any other products of this quality, please let me know."

David Kuhnle - Apple Valley, California

"Not only do the clothes feel Softer, but they smell fresher. Before I had to clean lint filter 2-3 times during drying cycle. Now only have to clean after the load is dry. The clothes don't have that dryer smell after drying."

H. Blevens - Norman, Oklahoma

"By using the Spin-X, I avoid the use of a dryer - they come out so dry that I just hang them on a hanger (indoors) for an hour or so, & they're ready to wear - without ironing etc."

L.H. O'Brien - Fountain Valley, California

"When I first used this Great Machine, my eyes opened almost as wide as my mouth. When I took the clothes out, they were almost dry. I love this machine. This was the best buy I ever made. You made my life so much easier. Bless you. Thanks again for bringing this machine into my life."

R. Merricks - Jamaica, New York

"The Spin-X is great! It takes so much less time to dry (even when hanging clothes to dry)."

Susan L. Kaiser - Midlothian, Ilinois

I purchased your spin dryer in December 1989, at the old address. It is an excellent machine and still in perfect running condition today, (almost 20 years later). Over the years I have moved several times, and the “Plastic Retainers” that you have sent me before you lost track of me have become brittle and broken as plastic is prone to do, even though I have been careful with them. As they are necessary and your retainers were superior to the homemade ones I have tried to use, I was wondering if I could purchase a new replacement from you.

Danny Painter - Gunn City, Missouri

By using the Spin-X, I avoid the use of a dryer - they come out so dry that I just hang them on a hanger (indoors) for an hour

L.H. O’Brien Fountain Valley, California